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We are a class of 30 kind and enthusiastic learners. Our teacher is Miss De Vries and we are supported by Mrs Webber. 

Term 6- Full Steam Ahead!

This term our topic is Full Steam Ahead’.

We are very excited to dive into our new topic, "Full Steam Ahead," which will focus on the Great Western Railway and the famous engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

There's a lot to look forward to this term. We will be comparing and contrasting different modes of transport throughout history, with a particular emphasis on the impact of railways. We will also be exploring how Didcot has changed over the last 75 years and the role that the railway has played in that transformation.

Term 6- Timetable.

Term 5- Home and Away.

This term our topic is Home and Away’:

In this geographical topic, we will first be exploring the United Kingdom. We will learn about the four countries within it, their capital cities and the surrounding seas. After a brief whizz around the UK, we will be homing in for an island study comparing hot and cold places. For this we have chosen The Shetland Islands, where we will look at both the human and physical geography with an emphasis on the coastal areas. Next, we fly off to Madagascar to compare similarities and differences in human and physical geographical features to the area in the UK.

Term 5 Timetable. 

Term 4- It's All Fun and Games!

This term our topic is ‘It’s All Fun and Games, where we will be looking at toys throughout history. The children are already very excited about this topic! We will begin by looking at our favourite toys before finding out about what our parents and grandparents played with. We will then explore toys from before living memory and explain how we know that toys are old. We will explore the answer to the question ‘Have toys really changed?’ before creating our own toy museum.

Term 4 Timetable.

Term 3- Incredible Edibles.

This term our topic is ‘Incredible Edibles’, where we will be looking at food related texts, thinking about healthy eating, ourselves and how to stay healthy, as well as getting the children to do some food prepping. They are looking forward to the topic and have already had lots of thoughts and questions.


We begin our term by reading ‘The Disgusting Sandwich’ and writing our own instructions on how to make a truly disgusting sandwich.

In Science, we will be finding out about the life cycle of different animals, what animals need to survive and we will link our topic knowledge to healthy eating.

In Maths, Year 1 will begin to look at place value in numbers to 20 before revisiting addition and subtraction. Year 2s will start with a topic around money before moving on to multiplication and division.

Our focus this term is all about Incredible Edibles. We will be using printing techniques to print fruit in art and in DT, we will be making vegetable salads. Our PSHE is ‘Dreams and Goals’ where we will discuss what we can do to reach our goals.

Terrm 3 Timetable.

Term 2- All Creatures Great and Small.

Welcome back to school for the start of Term 2.

This term our topic is ‘All Creatures Great and Small’, where indeed we will be looking at great and small creatures that live on land, in the air, and in the sea around the UK and the wider world. We have a Geography focus this term where we learn the language of Human and Physical Geography features as well as the location of hot and cold areas of the world in relation to the Equator.

Term 2 Timetable.

Term 1- Fire! Fire!

We are excited to kick of our year with our topic, ‘Fire!Fire!’, where we will learn all about The Great Fire of London. We will learn ways in which London was different in the 17th century to help our understanding of why and how the fire spread so quickly. We will learn about where and how the fire started and the sequence of events. We will also be exploring diaries written by people who witnessed the events of the fire.


Welcome Evening Slides

KS1 common exception words- use these at home to help support your child. They need to be able to read and spell most of these words by the end of Year 1 and Year 2

KS1 reading at home