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Chilton Primary School

Learning to live and living to learn

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!
Headteacher Mr Ahmed
Assistant Headteacher, Inclusion Manager and Cherry (job share) Teacher Mrs Knight
Assistant Headteacher and Willow (job share) Teacher Mrs Holme-Turner
School Business Manager Miss Reardon
Chestnut Class (Year 6) Teacher Mrs Davies
Pine Class (Year 5) Teacher Miss De Vries
Hazel Class (Year 4) Teacher Mrs Elliot
Cherry Class (Year 3/4) Teachers (job share) Mrs Knight and Miss Compton
Rowan Class (Year 3) Teacher Miss Maunders
Ash Class (Year 2) Teacher Miss De Pedro
Willow Class (Year 1/2) Teachers (job share) Mrs Holme-Turner and Mrs Joslyn
Beech Class (Year 1) Teacher Mrs Lewis
Oak Class (Reception) Teacher (maternity cover) Mrs Grant/Miss Freeman
Maple Class (Reception) Teacher Miss Johnson
Seedlings Class (Nursery) Teacher Mrs Baum
Pupil Premium Lead Mrs Joslyn
Forest School Leader Mrs Potts
Support Teacher Mrs Gibson
HLTA/Nursery Nurse

Mrs Tunks

Mrs Butler

Mrs Mullaney-Westen

Mrs Rippington

Mrs Young

Teaching Assistants

Mr Bedwell
Mrs Church
Mrs Coakley
Mrs Gilbert

Miss Hillier

Miss Kerry

Mrs Lewis

Mrs Morrison

Mrs Patton

Mrs Potts
Ms Sharp

Mrs Vincent

Mrs Walczak

Mrs Ward

Mrs Webber


Office Staff

Mrs Debbie Froud

Mrs Amanda Cooper

Mrs Janine Suttner 

Breakfast/After School Club Staff

Mrs Debbie Campbell

Mrs Sharon Vincent

Miss Thirza McNair
Mrs Deanna Mulford

Lunchtime Supervisors

Miss Hillier

Mrs Mindova

Mrs Heath

Miss McNair

Caretaker Mr Keymer