Chilton Primary School

Learn with passion to live with purpose


At Chilton, our children will be geographers who are curious about the world around them and the people in it. The children will develop their knowledge and understanding of our world; its diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments as well as the earth’s key physical and human processes. The children will be culturally knowledgeable about our country and our world. They will develop an understanding of their place in the world whilst showing sensitivity and respect towards cultures and societies different from their own.


Throughout their time at Chilton, children will explore their natural environment, exposing them to enriching experiences and benefitting from outdoor learning. Through studies of significant local places, the children will gather knowledge which will help them to develop a sense of what makes our local area unique and special. The children will explore the importance of sustainable development and our role in looking after our planet for future generations. Ultimately, the children will be life-long learners and be committed to finding out more about the world in which they live.