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Sycamore Class Year 5

Welcome to Sycamore Class! There are 30 wonderful children in our class. Our teachers are Mrs Watson and Miss Compton and we are supported by Mrs Suttner, Mrs Jolley and Mrs Webster throughout the week. 


Term 6 - Step Back in Crime

This term we will be looking at aspects of history post 1066, focusing on crime and punishment. We will look at common crimes from the Roman era, all the way to the modern-day and those punishments linked to them. We will also use our working scientifically skills to solve the mystery of ‘who stole the house cup?’. We will become forensic scientists by analysing evidence, working with fingerprints, chromatography, boot prints and even soil analysis to try and solve the crime and bring the culprit to justice. An exciting topic to end the year on. 

Term 6 timetable (subject to change)

Term 5- Delving into the Dynasty

This term, we explore The Shang Dynasty.

We will explore how historians have learnt about the Shang Dynasty and the artefacts which have led to our discoveries about this period of history, with a specific focus on the Shang Kings. We will focus on the royal burials of the period and what they tell us about life during the Shang Dynasty. We will also learn about the creation of the calendar and the surviving writings of the Shang Dynasty, and about how the dynasty came to an end.

Term 5 timetable (subject to change)

Term 4- Follow your Heart

This term, our topic is science based and we will be studying the circulatory system. We will learn about the parts of the system and their functions, focussing especially on the role of the lungs in the process of gaseous exchange. Then, we will look at the processes of transportation and absorption before thinking about the things we should do to maintain a healthy circulatory system and those which we should avoid. Our key scientists this term are Marie Maynard Daly and Sir Richard Doll. 

Term 4 timetable (subject to change)

Term 3- Here Come the Vikings!

This term we will learn about Anglo-Saxon Britain and the struggle for control of the Kingdom. We will look at like in Anglo-Saxon Britain and what life would have been like before looking at the impact of the Viking invasion. We will then learn about what made the Vikings such incredible warriors and the changes that their arrival in Britain made to the existing territories. We will finish our topic by learning about the unification of the Anglo-Saxon and Viking forces and the battles of Stamford Bridge and Hastings and the subsequent Norman invasion.  

Term 3 timetable (subject to change)

Term 2- We'll Meet Again



This term, we aim to take UKS2 children back to 1939; looking at the outbreak of WW2 and journey with them though to 1945 considering what life was like for British people during this time. We have an incredible visit lined up from our friends at Doing Their Bit – they will visit us towards the end of term. 



Term 2 timetable (subject to change)

Term 1- Amazing Africa


This term our topic is Amazing Africa.

We will spend the term touring Africa and will brush up on our compass skills to describe the positions of the 54 countries which form this incredible continent. As we research countries from northern, eastern, western, southern, and central Africa we will consider how their geographic features affect life there, how the proximity of some countries to the equator affects temperatures there, at key features such as rivers and mountains and at what everyday life looks like for the people who call them home.





Sycamore Timetable Term 1 (subject to change)

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