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Sycamore Class Year 5

Welcome to Sycamore Class! There are 23 wonderful children in our class. Our teachers are Mrs Watson and Mrs Eliott and we are supported by Mrs Coakley and Mrs Webster.


Term Six



This term our topic is Brilliant Britain: riding on the waves of the Jubilee celebrations we will be looking about how our great nation has changed since WW2 and just what makes Britain great! We will look at the impact of WW2 on Britain and the changes brought around by voters after it, including the birth of the NHS, the impact of colonies gaining independence post-war and the impact of migration from Caribbean countries. As always, we will endeavour to explore this topic throughout the whole curriculum – more about what we are learning can be found in our curriculum letter which will be sent out on the first week of term and weekly updates will arrive via email.

Sycamore Timetable - Term 6 - Subject to change

Term Five 

Climb Every Mountain


Our topic this term is called ‘Climb Every Mountain’.

We will be learning about the geography of mountains, considering different types of mountains and how they are formed, we will consider how humans use mountains and the impact of tourism on these locations.

Term Four - Who Let the Gods Out?


This term we will be learning about the Ancient Greeks and considering what lasting legacies their civilization contributed to modern-day life.


We start by thinking about the different periods of Ancient Greece and the changes in the empire throughout them, looking closely at archaeological evidence to ascertain what life was like for Ancient Greeks. We will also look at city-states and their differences, the Battle of Marathon, Greek Gods, and what life was like for the children in this fascinating period. For home learning, children will engage with the mathematicians, philosophers, and great leaders of Ancient Greece. As always, our topical learning will spread across our whole curriculum, you can see some tasters of this below.

More about our learning this term...

Our timetable (subject to change).

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Term Three - Brilliant Biomes



This term our Biomes topic will see us learn about the different land biomes of the world and their climates. We will learn about their position and how this links to their climate, about significant features and species within each biome, and will focus in-depth on the rainforest at the end of term, linking in with our class text.

More about our learning this term...

Term Two - The Wild Way

This term, we study changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

We will learn about this exciting period of pre-history, considering the progress made by humans during it. We will start the term with an incredible visit from our friends at Portals to the Past, who help us bring history to life, and are amazingly engaging. In the weeks to come, we will look at the hunter-gatherers of the Palaeolithic era, the development of tools during the Mesolithic era and their impact on homes and settlements, the invention of farming and subsequently trading during the Neolithic period, and the introduction of roundhouses and hillforts during the Iron Age. We will consider the inventions across these periods and their impact on the progress made by humans during this exciting time in history.

Term 2 Timetable

Term One- Romeo and Juliet.

We are very excited to be partnering with Coram Shakespeare Schools again for a production of Romeo and Juliet. We are looking forward to learning about the play and getting stuck into the film making process for the Coram Shakespeare Schools Film Festival.  We will be exploring drama, art and music through our topic to help us get ready for our film. We will be reading modern-day English versions of the play before diving into Shakespeare's language. 
Further information about our topic can be found in the termly newsletter and of course, in our weekly email.


Our PE days are Monday and Wednesday.

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