Chilton Primary School

Learn with passion to live with purpose


At Chilton Primary School, all our children will have a rich understanding of the past through a wide range of topics. They will be able to use their generative knowledge to build on their historical chronology and themes from when they start in Reception to Year 6. Alongside this, they will develop their progressive knowledge through the constant links to their previous historical learning through visual reminders (whole school timelines) and discussions with their peers. Children will be able to use their disciplinary knowledge to think and act like a historian when looking at written sources and artefacts.

Most importantly, our children will be enthusiastic learners about our world’s history and how it influences us today. Through the carefully mapped history cultural capital they will have a broad and strong knowledge about Britain, the world’s history and the significant figures within it. They will also value culture, diversity, and empathy.

Our children will feel prepared for the next chapter in their journey. They will be confident using the in-depth historical knowledge they have obtained at Chilton Primary School and value their past.