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Seedlings Nursery

Welcome to Seedlings



Welcome to Seedlings where you will find enthusiastic young explorers who enjoy learning through play inside and outside in our calm and purposeful environment. We are learning to be independent and developing a "have a go" attitude at the beginning of our school journey.


We are supported daily by our Nursery Teacher Mrs Baum and our Nursery Nurses Mrs Butler and Miss Whatley who are also assisted by Miss Burton on a Friday.


We also go to Forest School with Mrs Potts



Term 5- Animal Adventure!


We are really looking forward to the warmer weather as we start our Summer Term!  New friends will be joining us as we find out all about animals.  Starting Down on the Farm with an exciting visit from our friends at Farms 2 Ewe who will be bringing animals for us to meet here at Nursery!  We will also be finding out all about pets and minibeasts and going 'On Safari' to find out all about animals from Africa.  Our term will finish by joining the rest of school in a week of activities and celebrations for The Queen's Platinum Jubilee.


Term 4 - Springtime


This term we start with a special Book Week along with the rest of the school.  We will be exploring a story called 'The Egg' by the author M P Robertson and using some of the ideas in the story to help us tell some exciting stories of our own. 

Over the rest of the term we will be learning about Spring, watching the weather, looking out for all the bulbs coming up in our garden, planting some seeds and finding out about some baby animals.  Our term will also finish with eggs as we explore some Easter traditions.


Term 3- Winter in the Woods!


We will be welcoming some new friends into Seedlings as we start the New Year in Nursery. We will be recalling our recent celebrations and finding out about Chinese New Year at the end of January.

This term we will be following a woodland theme as we explore a story based topic.  There will be a focus on sharing stories and retelling traditional tales and some new favourites too, each with a woodland or forest setting. 

We will find out all about wood, trees and the different animals that make their homes there; making good use of our own Forest School and outdoor area, wrapping up for the winter weather!


Term 2 -Lights, Lanterns and Celebrations


 This term starts with a bang as we find out about Bonfire Night and fireworks, using them as a starting point for lots of colourful creative play. 

We will be creating a "dark space' to explore; experimenting with different sources of light, as we think about Night and Day, discover nocturnal animals and all the things that happen whilst we are fast asleep! 


Over the course of the term we will be finding out all about the different ways people celebrate special times as we discuss some traditions of Diwali, Hanukkah, birthdays and of course Christmas, joining Oak and Maple class to sing and perform a Nativity Story.


Term 1 - This is Me!


We are looking forward to a busy and exciting first term. Our first few weeks will centre around 'ourselves' as we settle into our new routines, get to know each other, find out about our homes and families and have lots of fun playing with our new friends!


As the term progresses, we will be thinking about how we use our bodies, exploring our senses, finding out about being healthy and what makes us happy!


We will also be looking out for changes and discovering lots of signs of Autumn around the school environment and Nursery garden.


A Morning in Nursery


We come in at 8:45am wash our hands, choose a story to take home and self-register using our name cards. We choose inside until carpet time at 9:00am when we have a 'Good Morning' song with lots of movement to wake us up - then we have a circle time activity.

At 9:20am we choose from activities inside and outside (whatever the weather!), playing and exploring and sometimes we will work with an adult in a group. 

We sit down for a healthy snack in a group with an adult and at 11:10am.

We all tidy up before sitting down for a story and some rhymes before singing our 'Goodbye Song' at 11:45am.


We have Forest School in smaller groups on Tuesday mornings.

We have movement and physical development time with Mr Bedwell on Friday mornings.

Nursery timetable - subject to change

Welcome to Seedlings Class - Information for Parents April 2021