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Welcome to Seedlings



Welcome to Seedlings where you will find enthusiastic young explorers who enjoy learning through play inside and outside in our calm and purposeful environment. We are learning to be independent and developing a "have a go" attitude at the beginning of our school journey.


We are supported daily by our Nursery Teacher Mrs Baum and our Nursery Nurse Mrs Tunks who is also assisted by Mrs Butler on a Friday.


We also go to Forest School with Mrs Potts and Mrs Bond.


Term 6- 'Amazing Animals!'

Welcome last it feels as if summer has arrived!  This term our learning and activities will be based around animals as this is an area that all the children have been enthusiastic about! Over the coming weeks we will be looking at all creatures great and small ranging from our pets to minibeasts, wild animals and sea creatures even dinosaurs. 


Our topic begins with our Farms 2 Ewe Experience right here in the Nursery Garden!


Term 5- 'My Community and Me!'

We hope you've all had a lovely break!  Welcome to our new starters and families!   This term we are focussing on our homes, familiar buildings and landmarks as we explore our local area in a topic shared with Reception called 'My Community and Me!' We will be thinking about 'people who help us' finding out about different sorts of jobs and wondering about the sort of job we might like to do when we grow up. We are planning a local walk and also looking forward to some warmer weather and lots of time in the garden!


Term 4- 'Springtime'

This term starts with 2 special whole school weeks of stimulating learning.  Our first week is a Science Week where we will try a range of exciting experiments to get us thinking, questioning and explaining.  We will also be taking part in the biscuit challenge to see if we can find out which sort of biscuit is best for dunking!

The second week of term will be a week of activities based on the story 'Leaf' by Sandra Dieckmann about a polar bear who drifts on melting ice far from his Arctic home, and the reactions of the animals who discover him. We will also be dressing up for World Book Day on Thursday 4th March

The remaining weeks of term we will be outside as much as possible looking for signs of new growth, and planting some seeds. We will be watching the weather and finding out about baby animals before finishing the term by exploring Easter traditions and celebrations.


Term 3 -'A Woodland Wander' 


   Happy New Year!  Our topic this term is called 'A Woodland Wander’  This topic has a core story focus with lots of interaction, imaginative play and props to encourage all of our children to become ‘storytellers.’ The three key stories are Goldilocks and The Three Bears, The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson and Owl Babies by Martin Wadell.  We will also be looking closely at trees and the wildlife that lives in our woodlands.  In week 6 we will be finding out about Chinese New Year, exploring some activities and tasting some food.


                                                                      Term 2- Lights, Lanterns and Celebrations

We will be exploring Bonfire Night and Diwali, finding out why we watch fireworks at night. Remembering and thinking about special times and finding out how we celebrate birthdays.  


We will also be investigating light and dark, using torches to make shadows, and we will be finding out about some nocturnal animals.  Our term will finish with Christmas and a little online concert of our seasonal songs!


Term 1 - This is Me!


We are looking forward to a busy and exciting first term. Our first few weeks will centre around 'ourselves' as we settle into our new routines, get to know each other, find out about our homes and families and have lots of fun playing with our new friends!


As the term progresses, we will be thinking about how we use our bodies, exploring our senses, finding out about being healthy and what makes us happy!


We will also be looking out for changes and discovering lots of signs of Autumn around the school environment and Nursery garden.


A Day in Nursery


We come in at 8:45am with our grown-up and self-register using our name cards. We choose inside until carpet time at 9:00am when we have a good morning song with lots of movement to wake us up - then we have a circle time activity.

At 9:15am we choose from activities inside and outside (whatever the weather!), playing and exploring and sometimes we will work with an adult in a group. 

We sit down for a healthy snack in a group with an adult and at 11:10am.

We all tidy up before sitting down for singing and a story and singing our 'goodbye song' at 11:45am.


We have Forest School on a Wednesday morning.

We have movement and physical development time with Mr Bedwell on a Thursday morning.

Nursery timetable - subject to change

Welcome to Seedlings Class - Information for Parents April 2021