Chilton Primary School

Learn with passion to live with purpose


At Chilton, we believe that everyone can do maths.

Children will be visualisers using the CPA approach. They will be describers using a rich mathematical vocabulary. They will be experimenters in addition to being mathematically fluent. At Chilton pupils will enjoy maths and want to learn more about it.

Our children will be happy, confident and resilient learners who know they have the skills to succeed. Children will develop a deep, connected and secure understanding of the maths they are learning and through this, be able to communicate their mathematical ideas. Learners will have high expectations for themselves as young mathematicians, taking responsibility for their learning and working independently where possible. They will be courageous and resilient, deepening their understanding of the maths by celebrating and investigating marvellous maths mistakes. The children will be aspirational in applying their skills to a range of problem solving opportunities and through this, love the subject and the endless possibilities it offers.