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Summer Fair 2022

PTA meeting update - November 2020


As you may have seen in the latest school newsletter, we recently held our first PTA meeting in nearly a year. The PTA plays a hugely important role in school life. The events they organise help bring the community together whilst raising vitally important funds for the school. At Chilton we have had an active PTA since 1951 and we have certainly missed them recently!


At the meeting we spoke about not only the sorts of events we could run within the current restrictions but also about the school's plans for spending monies raised. We will confirm these plans in the New Year but it is likely that we will look to upgrade the technology available to children. Over the coming months the school will be upgrading much of the IT systems including the wireless and servers etc, and we will likely run out of money before we get to the exciting stuff like iPads and other remote devices. We will therefore be asking the PTA to raise monies to fund the purchase of an additional class set of iPads by the end of this school year. The teachers and children really value the iPads we have at the moment - there just aren't enough to go round. With increased focus (and reliance) on remote access, this seems like the most appropriate use of PTA funds.


To get the ball rolling we will be starting with a Christmas raffle. We are very grateful to Miele for their kind donation of a vacuum as first prize, and we are also able to offer many other prize hampers, following recent donations from the school community. Tickets will be available shortly, and the prize draw held on Wednesday 16 December.

Previous Events

Our Christmas Fair 2019 raised £2,400. Thank you to everybody who supported the event.