Chilton Primary School

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Ash Class Year 2



Welcome to Ash class where we blast into learning. In Ash class you will find Miss De Pedro and Mrs Walczak and 29 brilliant learners.

It is so lovely to have children back in the classroom again and we can't wait to get started on our new topic for this term which is..........

In this topic we will explore the world above us and all it's unique qualities. We will look back in time at the people who have travelled within it and what their experiences have been like. The children have already asked many questions.......


Are there aliens?

How big is space?

How hot is the sun?

Why is it dark at night?


We're hoping to find the answers to some of these during the term. 

There are some lovely resources here if the children would like to find out more...

Here's some pictures of our beautiful classroom..