Chilton Primary School

Learn with passion to live with purpose

Beech Class Year 1






Mrs Elliott and Mrs Didcock supported by Mrs Vincent, Miss Hillier and Mrs Brown.

In Beech Class there are 30 enthusiastic children who love to learn and

find out about the world around them! 


Term 2 - 

What makes Chilton a good place to live?  


This term we will be learning more about our village of Chilton by completing a local area study linked to Geography. We will work to know that Chilton is a village and follow simple trails in and around our school grounds and we will be identifying human and physical features. 


This term we will also be spending time learning our songs and practising our performance for our nativity which is called 'Straw and Order'.  It is about some donkeys and cows who have a big fallout over the stable where they all live.  We will look forward to sharing this with you in December!






Term 1 - Who should we listen to? 

We begin the year with an exciting exploration of the question ‘Who Should We Listen To?’  We will explore this question through the actions of Guy Fawkes and events of The Great Fire of London. We will learn how the changing of Monarchs led up to Guy Fawkes’ actions and the ways that The Great Fire of London spread so quickly and what could have been done to stop it sooner.



Beech Timetable - Term 2