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Beech Class Year 1






The Beech Team - Mrs Lewis, Miss Hillier, Mrs Walczak, Mrs Webber, Leonard the Lion...

...and a bunch of happy Year 1 children keen to grow their brains.

Term 6, 2020-21


The final term of the year sees us explore the great stories of Sheffield-born, multi-award-winning author-illustrator

Anthony Browne.

We'll be casting a light on the lives of gorillas, studying forests and the habitats within and creating our own Anthony-Browne-inspired artwork.  In Science, we shall be finding the answers to intriguing inquiry questions and making some interesting concoctions.

Our writing will be inspired by the following Anthony Browne books:


Term 5, 2020-21

During Term 5, we journeyed from the Isle of Wight across the Atlantic and into the Pacific Ocean to the exotic Galapagos Islands, comparing the physical and human geography of each.  We loved the nature that we discovered, especially the majesty of the seas with all their glorious creatures.  The Needles, the cable car and the sands of Alum Bay were intriguing, and we all marvelled at the unique wildlife of the Galapagos. We discovered lots to do in each place - the Isle of Wight offering more activities relating to human geography and the Galapagos physical geography.  Our writing was stimulated by 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' and 'Take Your Time: Harriet the Galapagos Tortoise'; and we were visited by a pet tortoise called Hendrix!  Follow our adventures in the photo gallery below ...



Term 4, 2020-21



School became 'school' again during Term 4 as all of the children returned to the classroom.  It has been wonderful to see friendships rekindled and how much the children have grown - physically and in maturity.  We have had rather a lot of fun learning about inventors, where the maturity of children and teachers temporarily and reasonably disappeared in re-enactments of history!  The most interest was generated by Edward Jenner's discovery that the injection of a small amount of a pathogen into a human being could prevent fatal illness; and, of course, this interest was all the greater as vaccines are rolled out to protect us from COVID-19.  The sight of the mouldy slices of bread caused some consternation alongside shock that this growth could kill harmful bacteria.  Interestingly, it was dark conditions that led to the most mould, with even the slice of bread in the fridge developing more than the piece in the window above the radiator.  We had our own turn at being inventors: designing our own invention inspired by the stories of 'Rosie Revere, Engineer' and 'My Grandpa's Amazing Inventions' and creating the artistic style of 'Photogism - a different perspective.'


The children have worked hard to develop their literacy skills over the three weeks spent back in class: besides the daily spelling challenges, reading and handwriting, they have tackled a newspaper report, diary, acrostic poem, factfile and descriptive piece.  In maths, we have engaged in practical work measuring and comparing mass, as well as capacity and volume; and we have developed our numeracy skills, practising addition and subtraction.


Below are some pictures from our adventures this term ...

Back together again!





Thank you for your efforts during Science Week and Book Week.  While we hope that you digested lots of reading material, we do hope that you did not consume too many biscuits.  We certainly enjoyed seeing the children think scientifically and the looks on the faces of those at school as biscuits disintegrated into their warm drinks - suddenly, some of the coveted biscuits were no longer appealing, giving firm results as to the inquiry question ... 'Which biscuit is the best for dunking?'

Term 3, 2020-21


Have you ever wondered why we need to eat, what foods do for our bodies, which foods are healthy and which are unhealthy, where food comes from?  We shall answer all of these questions in our quest to become healthy and responsible consumers.  We shall relate back to what we have learned about animals and planet Earth to make important connections that will elevate our understanding of living things.



Look who will join our finger puppet friends, made especially for us by a Beech Class Lion ...

Do they remind you of anyone?


Term 2, 2020-21

Exploring the great habitats of planet Earth: diving into seas, looking high into the canopies of the rainforest, digging deep beneath the leaves of the woodland, braving the heat of the desert and the extreme cold of the poles.


The energy and commitment of everyone has continued throughout the second part of the autumn term.  It is remarkable to think that while lives in the wider world have been impacted significantly, life within the safe and familiar grounds of school has progressed apace.  Beech Class Lions have busily accessed all areas of the curriculum, rising to challenges, developing in confidence and growing as individuals as their understanding and appreciation of life has developed.  We have read many books across a range of genres; we have written descriptive stories, recounts, factfiles and poems; we have begun to learn about the geography of planet Earth and that of the United Kingdom; we have enjoyed Forest School, outdoor art and begun to develop techniques associated with particular artists; our understanding of mathematical concepts and our ability to apply this to solve problems has developed significantly ... and all with a focus on the correct and precise vocabulary that will serve us in our future learning.

Our new friends supported us in our learning ...

From the woodland: Ringo Fox, Wise Owl, Pippin Squirrel, Rosemary Rabbit, Mr Badger and Alfie Fieldmouse; all namesakes of the characters from 'The Tales of Mrs Hedgehog' 



From habitats further afield: Mikey Monkey, Zoe Zebra, Tony Tiger, Ellie Elephant, Petula Parrot and Gerald Giraffe

A flavour of our busy lives in Term 2

Term 1, 2020-21


Stepping back in time to a windy night in London in 1666, to find out what happened.

It has been lovely to have everyone back to school.  There has been a buzz of activity, a sense of energy and enthusiasm in regard to learning; and the children have just got on with life - no fuss, smiles aplenty and the regrowth of friendships.


We have been on an exciting journey to learn about the Great Fire of London: we have written leaflets about Life in 1666, newspaper reports and diary accounts of the Great Fire; we have drawn storymaps and created posters of present-day London landmarks; we have used Venn diagrams to compare the extinguishing of fires in 1666 to 2020 and tables to record the changes made to London as a result of the Great Fire; we have used Powerpoint to create a 'Great Fire of London' presentation.  We have become scientists, bakers, architects and artists along the way.  Much of our learning has involved the performing arts - drama, singing and percussion, to help embed our newly-acquired knowledge.  Our journey concluded with the Great Burning ...




We are delighted to share that there have been many acts of kindness during Term 1 as the children have sought to bring happiness to others.  Through these acts, we have bonded as a team and filled our class bucket with happiness...


Well done, Beech Class!

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