Chilton Primary School

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Beech Class Year 1






Miss Johnson 


Mrs Aitken, Miss Kerry, Mrs Walczak, Mr Young and Mrs Webber. 

In Beech Class there are 30 children who love to learn and explore the world around them! 


Term 5

This term our topic is...

It is a science based topic where we will be planting seeds, comparing plants, identifying what plants need to grow and looking at the different sections of a plant.


For the first two weeks in English we will be reading The Secret Garden. This is a retell of the original story. We will look at the descriptions in the book, describe the garden and rewrite the ending.


During week 3 and 4 we will be reading The Dandelion Seed. We will be writing a diary for the seed as it travels along the wind.


In week 5 we will be looking at lots of nonfiction information about plants then creating our own fact files with all the information we have discovered.

We hope you have all had a great half term break and are looking forward to the new spring term.

Term 4

Our topic this term is:

where we will be learning all about historic explorers and the places they visited.


Our first week is Book Week where we will be focusing on:

The whole school will be reading the book and taking part in lots of fun dragon activities, including a very exciting DT project creating a large school dragon.


In the second week our Extraordinary Explorers topic will begin. For the first two weeks we will be learning about:

Robert Falcon Scott and his exploration of the South Pole. The children will be writing a diary of his journey.


Next we will be learning about:

Amy Johnson and her amazing flight from London to Australia. The children will write a character description of her and they will also be doing some information writing about Amy Johnson and other significant pilots.


Our work from this term...

Welcome back, Happy New Year 2022.

We hope you have had a restful holiday and are looking forward to Term 3

Our new topic this term is


This term we will be reading alternative versions of traditional tales!

We will be exploring characters and will get to write our own version of the stories.


We worked as a team to collect tree rubbings and create our very own tree. We designed the birds in our Jigsaw lessons.

Welcome back to school for term 2.

This term our topic is...





We will be taking a whistle stop tour around the globe looking at each continent, the oceans and seas that surround them and the differences in their physical and human geography. We are very excited about this topic and the children are buzzing with thoughts and ideas for us to consider.


There are some great pieces of information for children to explore on the website below:

Our work from Term 2

We enjoyed decorating our donated Christmas tree and making snowflakes!

This term our topic is...



In this topic we will explore the world above us and all its unique qualities. We will look back in time at the people who have travelled within it and what their experiences have been like. The children have shared their fantastic knowledge and have asked many questions...


Which planet has water? 

Does Saturn have ice around it? 

Which planet is the hottest? 

Why is it cloudy? 

How did the sun get there? 

How does the sun make light? 


We're hoping to find the answers to many of these during the term. 



There are some lovely resources on the NASA Science website. If the children would like to find out more, click on the link below...



Earth | NASA Space Place – NASA Science for Kids


Solar System Art!

Phonics Screening information for parents