Chilton Primary School

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Beech Class Year 1






Miss Johnson 


Mrs Ward, Mr Young and Miss Kerry. 

In Beech Class there are 30 children who love to learn, we are very excited to explore our first topic of the year!


This term our topic is...



In this topic we will explore the world above us and all its unique qualities. We will look back in time at the people who have travelled within it and what their experiences have been like. The children have shared their fantastic knowledge and have asked many questions...


Which planet has water? 

Does Saturn have ice around it? 

Which planet is the hottest? 

Why is it cloudy? 

How did the sun get there? 

How does the sun make light? 


We're hoping to find the answers to many of these during the term. 



There are some lovely resources on the NASA Science website. If the children would like to find out more, click on the link below...



Earth | NASA Space Place – NASA Science for Kids







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