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Chilton Primary School

Learning to live and living to learn


Welcome to Nursery





Welcome to Nursery where you will find 26 fantastic young explorers who enjoy learning through play inside and outside in our super, colourful environment. We are learning independence and developing our "have a go" attitude at the beginning of our school journey.


We are supported by three happy grown-ups: Mrs Parkinson (Mon-Fri), Mrs Gilder (Mon-Fri) and Mrs Nesbitt (Mon-Wed).

Amongst our choice of things to discover are:


  • Indoor small world toys; malleable area; home corner; arts and crafts; water play; role-play; books; writing; construction and maths areas.
  • Opportunities to use our imagination through singing, dancing and listening to music in our lovely carpeted area.
  • Outdoor mud kitchen, sand pit, water play, climbing frame, stage and ball pit.
  • Trikes, scooters and bikes to ride on our track.
  • Outdoor activities such as gardening, mark-making on easels or clipboards, reading or playing musical instruments.


A Day in Nursery


Our day starts at 8.45 when we self-register using our name labels and post these in our colourful box. We have carpet time to welcome everyone, sing songs, count and discuss the weather! We are then free to explore until tidy-up time at 10.50. This is followed by a drink and a healthy snack. To end our busy morning, we settle down on the carpet for a story, sometimes a song, sound box or a goodbye chat. We are starting the first stages of phonics and focus on a new sound each week. We also focus on a new number each week.


Our session finishes at 11.45 so that we can have a rest after a busy morning. We also enjoy Forest School and/or PE on Tuesdays. Nursery is full of amazing children who are learning to live and living to learn.



Our Topic This Term Is:


The Seaside


We are going to have fun learning all about the seaside. We will be role-playing in our ice cream shop, having picnics, paddling in our water area, building sandcastles and learning about the coastal environment. We will be investigating rock pools, learning what sinks and floats and discovering the importance of lighthouses


Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!