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Welcome to Chilton Primary School


Our Values and Ethos


Our school motto "Living to Learn and Learning to Live" is intrinsic to school life. 


Everyone at Chilton is committed to ensuring that our children grow up to be self-aware and well-rounded individuals with an understanding of their place in the community and the wider world


What's special about Chilton?


At Chilton we are passionate about learning and want to ensure that all children reach their full potential. We have high expectations of every child in both their learning and in their behaviour, leading to excellent levels of learning and achievement across all age groups. We designed our exciting curriculum to motivate the children so they are enthusiastic about learning.

We believe that children can be helped on their journey of learning by regularly exploring and working outside; at Chilton, outdoor experience is an integral part of the school day and curriculum. We also want to ensure that every child is emotionally and socially strong, so social and emotional learning is embedded in many ways.


Here are three Spotlights to explain why Chilton is so special:

Creative Curriculum

Learning Outside

Social and Emotional Learning 

We believe that the excellent outcomes at Chilton, with very high standards in attainment levels across the school, are the result of our creative curriculum, the emphasis on outdoor learning and our focus on the social and emotional aspects of learning. We are proud that so many of our children leave Chilton as self-confident, resilient and independent individuals who are self-regulating, self-directed learners with a love of the outdoors.

Living to Learn and Learning to Live


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