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Term 4, 2020-21

Who invented Lego; how did it become so easy to make lots of books; why are we able to travel beyond where we live to explore new towns, countries and continents?  Why are we able to be home-schooled when our teachers are not with us; and who invented the fabulous sandwich that was the star of our 'Sandwich' parties last term?  Quite simply, our lives are what they are because of the many extraordinary ideas and hard work of some truly inspiring people (although many creatures beside humans are rather good at inventing!).


This term, we will focus on three particular inventors and their inventions: the Wright brothers and the first powered aeroplane; Thomas Alva Edison and the lightbulb; and Edward Jenner and the vaccine.  Jenner's work is very relevant to us as we seek to protect ourselves from Covid-19.



We shall begin Term 4 with a focus on scientific thinking, before we celebrate books and the joy and wonder that they bring - for which we can thank inventor Johannes Gutenberg.  Get ready for ...



Term 3, 2020-21


Have you ever wondered why we need to eat, what foods do for our bodies, which foods are healthy and which are unhealthy, where food comes from?  We shall answer all of these questions in our quest to become healthy and responsible consumers.  We shall relate back to what we have learned about animals and planet Earth to make important connections that will elevate our understanding of living things.

Term 2, 2020-21


We shall explore the great habitats of planet Earth, diving into seas, looking high into the canopies of the rainforest, digging deep beneath the leaves of the local woodland, braving the heat of the desert and the extreme cold of the poles.

We have made some lovely boards that are awaiting some wonderful Willow work. We will take pictures through the term to show what we're up to.

We made natural sculptures in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.

Term 1

Welcome back!


The Willow Team - Mrs. Holme-Turner, Mrs. Joslyn and Mrs. Webber


It is so lovely to have children back in the classroom again and we can't wait to get started on our new topic for this term which is..........



We will take a step back in time to 1666 on a windy night in London to find out what happened. It's one of our favourites!


Here is a link to The Great Fire of London game. Have fun!



Classroom Displays

KS1 Common Exception Words- use these at home to help support your child. They need to be able to read and spell most of these words by the end of Year 2.

KS1 reading at home