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Moving On to Secondary School

Moving on to Secondary School


Once again all applications must be made to Oxfordshire County Council Admissions Team.  The on-line application process usually opens in September and the deadline is normally the end of October.  Offers are made at the beginning of March.


Apply for A Secondary School Place


The catchment area Secondary Schools for the parish of Chilton are:


Didcot Girls School (Girls only)

St Birinus School (Boys only)


Many families choose other local schools which are not within the Chilton catchment area. Please be aware that as these schools are not within the Chilton catchment area you may not be offered a place:


The Aureus School - Didcot  (Mixed)

King Alfred’s Academy – Wantage  (Mixed)

The Downs School – Compton  (Mixed)


We would always advise that at least one of your 3 choices should be your catchment school.


School Transport from Chilton


It is worth noting that Oxfordshire County Council will only pay for transport to your NEAREST Secondary School. Currently our nearest school is The Aureus even though it is not our catchment school. This means you would have to cover the cost of transport yourself if you choose Didcot Girls or St Birinus.