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Chilton Primary School

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Hazel Class

Welcome to Hazel class where you will find Mrs Elliot, Mrs Ward, Mrs Dothie, Mrs Morrison and 30 kind, bright and enthusiastic learners.


Welcome to Term 1 of a brand new year! The children will explore an exciting and motivating curriculum which will be organised into various topics. Our first topic is called ‘Tomb Raiders’ and will be based around Ancient Egypt. We are really looking forward to this exciting topic and can’t wait to get stuck into hieroglyphs and pyramids! The children will be learning all about mummification, death masks, Howard Carter and gods and goddesses.


Your child will have the opportunity to explore this topic through Art, Design Technology, Literacy and Drama. In addition to the topic work and daily Mathematics lessons, there will be Personal, Social and Health sessions, PE, RE, Spelling, French, Computing and Science.


Lower Key Stage 2 Welcome Meeting