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Hazel Class

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In our wonderful Year 4 class you will find Miss Maunders, Mrs Patton and 27 kind, bright and enthusiastic learners.


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This term our topic is ‘Sky Kids’ and will be based around secret agents and spies! We are all really looking forward to becoming undercover agents and solving lots of missions. The children will be creating a job application to be a spy, designing their own gadget and creating a false identity.

Year 4 Term 6 Weekly TImetable

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This term our topic is ‘Tomb Raider’ and will be based around Ancient Egypt. We are really looking forward to this exciting topic and can’t wait to get stuck into hieroglyphs and pyramids! The children will be learning all about mummification, death masks, Howard Carter and gods and goddesses. We will be working closely with Year 3 again this term as it is a joint topic.


Your child will have the opportunity to explore this topic through Art, Design Technology, Literacy and Drama. In addition to the topic work and daily Mathematics lessons, there will be Personal, Social and Health sessions, PE, RE, Spelling, French, Computing and Science.


Term 4

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This term's topic is called 'In a land far away...' and is based around fairy tales. This topic is in collaboration with Year 3 and is to tie in with our Year 3 & 4 production of Cinderella. Our English lessons will be focused on fairy tales as we will be retelling stories, looking at features of traditional tales, characters and script writing. We will be focusing on language skills through drama.  



Term 4 Hazel Class Timetable (this is subject to change)

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This term we are following a whole school topic on ‘Frozen Planet’. Hazel Class will be looking closely at icebergs and the Titanic. We will be exploring how, why and where icebergs form and looking into detail at the history of the Titanic; including a timeline of events, the different types of passengers on board and what it must have been like during the sinking of the ship.

Term 3 Hazel Class Timetable (subject to change)



Please find information about our previous topics below:

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In Autumn Term 2 we are learning all about the largest country in the world: Russia. Straddling Europe and Asia and home to four very different biomes, Russia is a fascinating and diverse country. We are finding out about this enormous country's physical and human geography, its tumultuous history, and its unique culture through its stories, art and music. We are even trying to learn a little beginners' Russian! 





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In Autumn Term 1 our topic is 'Dangerous and Deadly'. We are finding out about fierce and fearsome mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians from around the world.