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Covid-19 catch up premium

Chilton Primary School will receive a Covid-19 catch up premium during the 2020-21 academic year. Provisional data indicates this is likely to be £20560. These monies are to be used to support children to catch up on lost teaching experienced over the course of the pandemic.


Teachers undertook baseline assessments in September 2020 and, in conjunction with senior school leaders, have identified those children who did not make expected progress across reading, writing or maths during the initial lockdown. The Covid-19 catch up premium is being used to provide these children with additional teaching (delivered by existing part-time teachers and experienced teaching assistants) in small groups and on a 1-1 basis. Specifically, these include:


  • Additional writing interventions for targeted groups within the Year 6 cohort.
  • Creation of two additional guided reading intervention groups in Year 3 and 4; one targeting children who have fallen back from greater depth to expected standard and one for children who have fallen back from expected standard to the working towards standard.
  • Additional Teaching Assistant time in Year 1 class to support transition from EYFS to KS1.
  • Additional Teaching Assistant time in Reception to run intervention to close gaps on entry, particularly in Physical Development, Writing and Personal Social Emotional Development.


Progress for all children will be measured again in late autumn 2020 and spring 2021 terms through a combination of external tests and teacher assessments.