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Chestnut Class

Welcome to Chestnut Class’ Homepage.


There are twenty-seven fabulous children in our class. Our teacher is Mrs Davies, and we are supported in class by the wonderful Mrs Rippington. 

Read on to find out what fun things we are going to learn about this term …


This term our topic will be ‘Floodland,’ which is all about Flooding! 

In our writing sessions will be looking at writing sophisticated sentences, writing our own words for the book Flood by Alvaro F Villa. We will also be writing and delivering speeches on the subject of dam building and will finish the term by creating a newspaper article about the Lynmouth Flood. We will look at Spelling and Grammar in our writing sessions, ensuring that we include relevant features within each piece.

In Mathematics we begin our year by extending our knowledge of place value to 10 million, including ordering and rounding, in arithmetic sessions this term we will work to ensure fluency in written methods for each of the four mathematical operations.

In Reading we will read the aptly titled Floodland, by Marcus Sedgwick. We will discuss the dystopian genre thinking about why an author may choose to write this way, and the effect this has on a reader. We will also examine the themes addressed by the story – such as global warming and the rising water levels of the modern world.

In Geography, we will look at the water cycle and the parts of a river: learning the locations of some UK and world rivers. We will look at what causes flooding and some real life examples of floods from modern history before completing a case study on the Lynmouth flood of 1952; where a very unique set of events triggered a devastating flood.

In Science we will look at Light, exploring how light travels and is seen by the eye. We will also have a STEM afternoon where we build and trial our own flood barriers.

In RE we look at the role of Saints. We will look at local Saints and their stories and ask ourselves the important question - are Saints good role models?

In PSHE our first topic is Me and My World - where we look at the school as a community and the shared responsibilities that we have as part of it. 

In Art we are going to be creating art based on topography and landscape, inspired by the colourful works of Paul Powis and lastly in French we will learn to describe the weather, culminating in producing our own weather reports in French.

 Our timetable this term.


Here are all the Year 5 and 6 statutory spellings.

Have a look and work on learning these at home and in school this year.


Spellings: Year 5 and 6.

UKS2 Welcome Pack