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Beech Class Year 1






The Beech Team - Mrs Lewis, Miss Hillier, Mrs Sharp, Leonard the Lion...

...and a bunch of happy Year 1 children keen to grow their brains.

Term 2, 2020-21


We shall explore the great habitats of planet Earth, diving into seas, looking high into the canopies of the rainforest, digging deep beneath the leaves of the local woodland, braving the heat of the desert and the extreme cold of the poles.

Our display boards await some fabulous work; here is one of them ...


To help us with our learning, some new friends will join our class.

Firstly, those from the woodland:

Ringo Fox, Wise Owl, Pippin Squirrel, Rosemary Rabbit, Mr Badger and Alfie Fieldmouse.

They share the same names as characters from a book that will inspire our story writing, 'Tales of Mrs Hedgehog':

Secondly, our exotic friends:

Mikey Monkey, Zoe Zebra, Tony Tiger, Ellie Elephant, Petula Parrot and Gerald Giraffe



Term 1, 2020-21


Stepping back in time to a windy night in London in 1666, to find out what happened.

It has been lovely to have everyone back to school.  There has been a buzz of activity, a sense of energy and enthusiasm in regard to learning; and the children have just got on with life - no fuss, smiles aplenty and the regrowth of friendships.


We have been on an exciting journey to learn about the Great Fire of London: we have written leaflets about Life in 1666, newspaper reports and diary accounts of the Great Fire; we have drawn storymaps and created posters of present-day London landmarks; we have used Venn diagrams to compare the extinguishing of fires in 1666 to 2020 and tables to record the changes made to London as a result of the Great Fire; we have used Powerpoint to create a 'Great Fire of London' presentation.  We have become scientists, bakers, architects and artists along the way.  Much of our learning has involved the performing arts - drama, singing and percussion, to help embed our newly-acquired knowledge.  Our journey concluded with the Great Burning ...




We are delighted to share that there have been many acts of kindness during Term 1 as the children have sought to bring happiness to others.  Through these acts, we have bonded as a team and filled our class bucket with happiness...


Well done, Beech Class!

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