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Chilton Primary School

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Ash Class Year 2



The Ash Team - Miss De Pedro, Mrs Ward & Mrs Gibson

Term 2, 2020-21


We shall explore the great habitats of planet Earth, diving into seas, looking high into the canopies of the rainforest, digging deep beneath the leaves of the local woodland, braving the heat of the desert and the extreme cold of the poles.


Soon our display boards will be full of Ash class amazing work. We will take pictures through the term to show what we're up to.


Term 1

Welcome back!


The Ash Team - Miss De Pedro, Mrs. Morrison and Miss Bollam


It is so lovely to have children back in the classroom again and we can't wait to get started on our new topic for this term which is..........



We will take a step back in time to 1666 on a windy night in London to find out what happened. It's one of our favourites!


Here is a link to The Great Fire of London game. Have fun!



Well done Ash class!