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Year 5


In our fantastic Year 5 class you will find Mrs Mack, Mrs Hoskin, Mrs Tunks, Mrs Selby, Mrs Harrison and Mrs Rippington, along with 26 bright, inquisitive and enthusiastic learners.


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This term we are exploring the mysteries of our beautiful blue planet.


We will discover the diverse geography of Earth’s oceans and seas and the amazing creatures these habitats support. To further develop our skills as geographers, we will be mapping the seas and oceans of our world whilst also considering the human impact on these crucial habitats and what we can all do to protect our precious oceans. Alongside this, we will be reading David Wiesner’s complex and captivating wordless picture book – Flotsam – to inspire some wonderful imaginative writing.

Year 5 Summer Term 2 Timetable - please note this is subject to change

Below, you will find information about our previous topics.

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This term, Year 5 are taking a trip to the movies! Our topic is all about films and filmmaking. We will be studying and writing our own screenplays, inventing new weird and wonderful words and characters to inspire some fantastic storytelling.

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In Spring Term 1, Year 5 are learning all about Japan!


This is a geography topic, so we will be finding out about Japan’s location in the world as well as its unique physical and human geography. Alongside this, we will explore Japanese history through its rich traditional folk-tales whilst also finding all about what life in Japan is like today. The work of Hokusai will be our focus in art, and we will be reinterpreting The Great Wave in a variety of media. We will even make our own sushi!

Take to the Skies


This term our topic is Take to the Skies where we we will find out all about World War Two from the start of war to the VE day celebrations. We will be thinking about war from a child’s perspective and finding out about life on the Home Front and Evacuation.

Yabba Dabba Doo!


This term, we are learning all about the Stone Age. We will be travelling back in time to find out all about Stone Age lifestyles, why cave art is so important, the theories for why Stonehenge was built and the impact the agricultural revolution had on how we live today. 

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