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Year 3


Welcome to Year 3 where you will find Mrs Knight, Mrs Wheeler, Miss Bollam, Mrs Harrison and 30 wonderful learners! 



Year 3 weekly timetable (subject to change)

Term 6

This term we will be doing a geographical study of a South American country. The class have decided that we will be learning all about Brazil following on from the Olympics in Rio last year. During the topic the children will have the opportunity to find out what it is like to live in Brazil and Rio de Janeiro, study the human and physical features of the rainforest, and discuss and debate deforestation through the storybook ‘The Great Kapok Tree’.  The children also want to find out about different explorers. In the last few weeks we will be thinking about what makes an Olympic star and writing biographies about an Olympic athlete. The children will have the opportunity to study this exciting topic through their writing, art, DT and ICT.  In science we will be investigating sound, thinking about how sounds are made and how we hear them.


Term 5



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This term we are going to be finding out about some of the world's most dangerous and deadly creatures. We will be finding out facts and information, writing non-chronological reports, newspaper reports and even retelling some popular crocodile stories and poems!


We will even get the chance to touch and hold some of these creatures when we visit Crocodiles of the World. We are all very excited about our new topic. 


Click on the image below to find out more information.


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Term 4



Welcome back to term 4!


Our topic this term is based around the collection of stories, '1001 Arabian Nights'. We will be looking at the features of these stories, retelling them and writing our own story titled 1002 Arabian Nights. This will all be part of our Year 3 & 4 performance of Aladdin. This term will include lots of drama and singing, studying play scripts, designing backgrounds for the sets and making props and costumes. 


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Term 3



Welcome back to Term 3! We hope you all had a lovely Christmas.


Our topic this term is based around the Tudors and is called ‘Off with her head!’  We have planned and thought about all of the exciting things that we would like to find out about the history of the Tudor Kings and Queens and everyday life. Our literacy lessons will be based around this theme and we will be looking at writing non-fiction reports, looking at features of non-fiction texts, writing instructions and information texts. 


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Term 2



Welcome back to Term 2! We hope you have had a lovely and restful holidays.


The children have chosen the topic for this term and it is entitled ' Through the magic door…' We will be basing our topic around the story of ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ by Enid Blyton and incorporating lots of other stories such as ‘Flat Stanley’ as the term goes on.  As well as this we will be thinking about light in science and in RE and tying it in to all the various celebrations that will be going on throughout Term 2!

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Term 1


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Welcome back to Term 1 of Year 3. Our topic this term is called 'Walk like an Egyptian!' As well as covering all of the exciting things we have planned we will be asking the children what else they would like to find out about the Ancient Egyptians. We are looking forward to exploring the world of Ancient Egypt using lots of different sources. 


Click on the links below to find out more about the Ancient Egyptians. You could also visit your local library, we would love to see the books that you find on our new topic.