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Year 2



We are a bunch of excitable , enthusiastic and entertaining Year 2s!


We can't wait to get started on our year ahead.




We have started this term with a dangerous and daring trip through Mali, China, India and Iran in the 1300's. The children have really been captured by the drama and bravery of the first Adventurous Adventurer on our list. During this topic they will travel the world through the eyes of individual explorers from the past who have contributed to national and  international achievements. 


Term 3 and 4 are short terms and we have many things we want the children to find out about so we are going to extend this topic over both terms. We will be guided by the enthusiasm of the class which is endless............and add a short unit nearer Easter if we feel the need. 


If you click on this link there is a fun game all about Christopher Columbus for you to play.

Picture 1

All Creatures Great and Small is our new topic for Term 2.

We will take a stroll through the animal Kingdom from tiny bugs to the enormous blue whale. The children will look at where in the world different animals come from and how they are adapted to suit their environment.


It  won't be long before tinsel and glitter make their appearance and we begin rehearsing for our end of term production, so look out for information on costumes and words to learn.


If you are interested in finding out a bit more about creatures of all shapes and sizes follow this link





We are very excited by our first topic, especially the thought of tasting as we go along......


This is always a busy 'getting to know you term' and can be a bit of a shock moving from Year 1 to Year 2. There maybe some wobbles along the way..............although the class seem very settled already and look so grown up!



To keep you busy perhaps you could try a recipe from Roald Dahl's collection.