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Chilton Primary School

Learning to live and living to learn

Year 1

In Year 1 you will find Mrs Williams, Miss Johnson, Miss Bollam, Mrs Maughan and Mrs Thomas. The children are either in Willow or Beech Class. 




Term 6

This term we will be exploring the brilliant world of......


Each week we will focus on a different bug and learn about its habitat, special talents and why they are important to our world. 

To start your bug adventure now visit The Woodland trust by clicking here, where you can download a bug spotter sheet and activity pack.


In science we will learn all about habitats. Visit the BBC Bitesize page to watch clips about different types of habitats. 


Phonics Test

In week two of term 6 (Monday 11th of June) the children will all take part in a phonics test. We will administer the test during the week, working 1:1 with each child. We try to make this as fun as possible and all of the children have already had the chance to become familiar with practice materials during term 5. Click here for information for parents about the phonics test and how you can support your child. Please come in and see a member of staff if you have any questions about the check. 



Term 5


This term we will be singing our hearts out and perfectly performing poems as part of our rocking rhymes topic. Each week we will focus on a different rhyme or poem.


Show and tell this term will focus on the children performing a poem, rhyme or song or playing an instrument to the class. Look look forward to having a very musical term!

Term 4

This term our topic will be...


where we will be finding out about the fantastic beasts that roamed the earth billions of years ago.

There's lots of exciting games, songs and videos available on the Cbeebies website. Click here to find out about Dinosaurs with Andy. 

We are enjoying singing 'A round of applause for the Dinosaurs' by Nick Cope, click here to enjoy this at home!

Term 3


this term our topic will be....


we will be exploring space, find out what it is like to be an astronaut, learn about the planets, the life of a star and welcome a visitor from ESA.

At the end of the term we will be visiting Winchester Science Centre. Click here to explore their website.

It's going to be an exciting term!


In Science, we will be learning about light and answer the question; "what is light?"

Click here to play a game about different light sources.


Can you make something "Spacey" for show and tell every Friday?


We look forward to seeing your creations.






Term 2


We will be reading stories with woodland settings, learn about nocturnal animals, think about our environmental impact on the planet and learn about British birds. 

We will also be practising and performing our Christmas show, "Hey Ewe!"


Show and tell will still be every Friday and children are welcome to bring in stories, toys or crafts inspired by our topic. 

Visit the Woodland Trust for ideas to do this autumn.

Term 1 2017


We are learning about.....


we will discover how these powerful and amazing machines move and work. We will hopefully get to see a few working on site at Chilton on our new building!


Watch the truck tunes song and video on you tube, to see lots of different moving vehicles. Click here. 


During our topic we will be thinking about different materials, visit the KS1 Bitesize page for games relating to this. click here.