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Summer 2 - Pirates, Aarrgh!

Term 6

Pirates ARRGH!



In term 6 we will be learning about pirates. This topic will cover a different theme each week leading up to a Pirate Fun Day on Friday 13th July.


Our role play area is being transformed in to a pirate ship and an ice cream parlour with the children’s help. They are already very excited to make resources to use in these area and have begun dressing up as pirates.


Below shows you what our focus is in literacy and mathematics each week.




Week 1: Ship Ahoy / 3D shape, positioning

  Week 2: Flying the Jolly Roger flag / Ordering by length and height

Week 3: A pirate’s life / Time

Week 4: X marks the spot / Directions

Week 5: Buried treasure / Money

Week 6: Sea Shanties and fun day/ Recapping on number skills

Week 7: Memories of Reception / Recapping on number skills


Local Trip / Save the date: We are planning an exciting local trip to the park for a treasure hunt and fun games on the morning of Friday 13th July. We would love for you to join us in celebrating the end of a fantastic first year at school. More details to follow nearer the time.