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Summer 1 - Once Upon A Time

Summer 1 - Once Upon A Time....


This term, Reception will be learning about traditional tales. They will be learning to tell the tales off by heart using a range of storytelling techniques. Below shows you the traditional tales we will be focusing on and the maths areas we will be covering:

Week 1: Goldilocks and The Three Bears/ Capacity and Measure

Week 2: Jack and the Beanstalk / Capacity and Measure

Week 3: The Gingerbread Man / Addition and Subtraction

Week 4: Little Red Riding Hood / Addition and Subtraction

Week 5: The Three Little Pigs / Doubling, Halving and Sharing

Week 6: The Three Billy Goats Gruff / Doubling, Halving and Sharing


If the children have any different versions of these tales we would love to share them in class. Please name any books that are coming in to school.