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Chestnut Class

Chestnut Class

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All About us

All About us 1

This term our topic is called ‘Over the Top’ and it is all about WW1 and the events surrounding this. We will be linking our writing, art work, History and Geography in with this topic, along with special dates like Remembrance Day. In our English writing work will be looking at poetry inspired from the Great War, newspaper articles and diary writing looking at the lives of soldiers in the trenches. In Mathematics we are looking at procedural Maths and in particular the four rules with large numbers. In Art we are going to be looking at poppy pictures and silhouette art and at the end of term we will watch the acclaimed adaptation of Michael Morpurgo’s ‘War Horse.’


The SPaG Zone.


In this zone you will find all the different areas of work we focus on in Spelling and Grammar in Chestnut Class.



Our timetable this year.

Our timetable this year. 1

Here are all the Year 5 and 6 statutory spellings.

Have a look and work on learning these at home and in school this year.